Ask Anna: i am a homosexual man with a foot fetish. How can I fulfill guys who will be additionally into foot?

I will be a 27-year-old man, solitary, and gay. I will be really into guys’ foot, but in nine several years of trying to fulfill other guys who like male legs, I’ve met precisely an added dude. I like the looks, feel, smell, and flavor of male foot (well, with regards to the general package and attractiveness regarding the other guy — some legs are only gross, most likely — and regrettably numerous, or even most, dudes appear to share that view). Where and exactly how do we satisfy other dudes into male legs!? Craigslist was no assistance. The intercourse and social apps such as Grindr, Scruff, Growlr, Recon and Manhunt are worthless for conference dudes fdating hookup particularly into legs. I heard there was clearly a combined team in Chicago that features events for guys into foot however it appears no one understands such a thing about where or whenever it satisfies. — Felix Feets

Dear FF,

We don’t understand what specific party you’re talking about, but then it can’t be impossible to find dudes into your kink if“feet” has its own category on PornHub’s gay channel. a cursory googling unearthed one thing called Chicago Footies leg Party at Cell Block in Boystown. The next one is Jan. 26.

So that the intercourse apps aren’t leading you anywhere, and Craigslist is often a (sometimes literal) crap shoot. What other web sites, teams, or resources perhaps you have tried? FetLife certainly has teams and discussion boards it is possible to peruse. There’s the Male Feet and Tickling Network, A facebook-esque social networking for guys into foot. There’s a site called There’s a MeetUp team for Chicago foot that is male, which, fine, has only four people, but hey, could possibly be worth an attempt or link you to definitely other individuals who might know locations to secure a hot guy who would like to worship your arches (or whichever components you love). There’s a Facebook team (and web site) called Foot Fraternity, which will be for guys into men’s legs and footwear, and claims to be“a accepted destination to make friends, share some ideas, share pictures and revel in yourself. A location where you could get and determine you are not alone. There are certainly others! A location of affirmation. A location where you are able to share your emotions.” This seems therefore sweet and EVEN that are supportive LIKE TO JOIN. And I also feel quite tepid about foot.

While being fully a gay man into legs is not the essential widely embraced fetish, it is maybe perhaps not probably the most unusual either. And also as many kinksters will say to you, finding lovers and community and other kink enthusiasts involves perseverance and networking. You will possibly not want to blast a note to your social media marketing sites detailing your kink to your hundreds of friends, though, the more vocal you might be regarding your desire, the greater likely one thing will manifest. Think about it as a Vision Board for the penis.

You might like to hit up any one of Chicago’s fantastic fetish bars (like Touche, Jackhammer, or even the Granville Anvil) and get around — bartenders, clients, the lone dude quietly jerking down into the corner, whoever! You might also take to fetish shops or intercourse stores, many of that are in Boystown, Andersonville, an such like. We’ve grown complacent utilizing the ease and instant gratification-ness of online shopping (also for mates), but don’t discount the real life as a prospective location to make leads and connections.